Jacques Mordret Negoce
Jacques Mordret Negoce

About ‘vins naturels’ and conservation

The wines I propose all result of organic cultural practises. Some wine-growers go even so far as to produce their vintages without any oenological additives (exogenous yeasts, enzymes, sugar, etc.) These wines are called ‘naturel’ which does not necessarily mean without added sulfites but with infinitesimal doses (about 20 to 30 mg/liter for reds, 30 to 40 mg/ liter for whites.

For your information, the authorised dose for so-called ‘conventionnels’ wines range from 160 mg/liter to 260 mg/liter.

A reproach sometimes levelled at these ‘natural’ wines, and peculiarly at the vintages containing no sulphur (or to be more precise, without additional sulfites), is their instability. It may occur that wines return to fermentation under too high temperatures. They must therefore be stored in suitable conditions, that is less than 15° C, in a natural cellar or in a fitting wine cabinet.


Above all, ‘vins naturels’ and without added sulfites are living wines, they will follow cycles, during which they will be withdrawn and prefer not to talk to you, but believe me on the days when they are in great shape and mood your tasting pleasure will be unparalleled




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