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Jacques Mordret Negoce

My idea of wine

If a disciple of John K. Galbraith was to have the excellent idea of updating « A Short History of Financial Euphoria », he would probably mention wine as a typical example of the formation of a bubble and of the mad speculation that has taken over Mondovino.
The virtual wine – the one we shall not drink - has been created, it is now the fantasy of auction houses, considered as an asset class in its own right.
You got to know me on the financial markets ; I am hereafter on the wine market, selling real and living wines, wines you drink right now (sometimes not totally conscious right now).
The ‘vignerons’ I have selected count for a very Small percentage in the French total production of wine.


They are all involved – by ethics and by taste – in organic, cultural and oenological practices (no pesticides, herbicides or fungicides on the vines, no input during winemaking process.

I would be very pleased to share with you my encounters with these men and women, whose noble ambition is to create singular, sincere and beneficent wines, and not to flatter the palate of influent wine tasters.

If my purpose is certainly not to distribute marks to the various vintages I shall propose, you can be assured that I shall have tasted and loved them all, trying to talk of them with sheer simplicity.

I hope you will join me in my curiosity and my encounters during the future stages of my Tour (cycling of course).






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