Jacques Mordret Negoce
Jacques Mordret Negoce
Christian Binner
The family estate Binner is located in Colmar's pocket, in the heart of Alsace vineyards in Ammerschwihr, 30 kilometers south of Nothalten (Stage 26 - Patrick Meyer). Christian Binner with his team cultivate 12 hectares of vines including some planted on the prestigious Kaefferkopf able to offer a marvelous wine recently tasted on good friends'patio on a beautiful summer evening. But as you know, we must be wary of the context and especially with regard to wine tasting ...
Verdict ? everything is good at Binners'house, clean and clear, in the full range of wines, from the simple varietal wine to the solar Kaefferkopf Grand Cru, including the exceptionnaly fine, drinkable and affordable Pinot Noir. (Burgundy growers should calm down with wine prices )
L'Alsace is certainly today one of the most environmentally-friendly vineyards in France and Monsanto must be sorry to see the soils covered again with grass ..But much could be said about chaptalisation or the excessive use of sulfites...Of course, none of this in our vignerons'wines and i invite you to read the founding charter of the AVN (Association des Vins Naturels). Christian Binner largely contributed to the writing of this chart. 

Commitment, transparency, refusal of assisted viticulture, everything is clear.

Jacques Mordret Negoce

Pointe des Poulains

56360 Sauzon

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E-mail : jmordret@yahoo.fr

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