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Le Domaine de Trévallon


The story of this estate, today prestigious, is first of all the story of a man, Eloi Dürrbach, former student of architecture at the Paris Beaux-Arts, who dropped out to plant his first vines in 1973, around his father’s traditional provençal mas, taking his inspiration from the writings of Doctor Guyot, the famous agronomist who asserted that, before the crisis of phylloxera, Cabernet Sauvignon existed in Provence, and that, ‘assembled’ with Syrah, it could produce excellent wines. Brilliant intuition and first vintage in 1976. As early as 1978, Aubert de Villaine from Romanée Conti, impressed by the wines of Trévallon, promoted them to his American importer. Notoriety had started !

In 1993, when the producers of Les Baux asked the National Institute of the Labels of Origins (INAO) for an appellation ‘Baux de Provence’, the syndicate stated that not more than 20 % of Cabernet Sauvignon is required pretexting that it is not typical of Provence. As a consequence Trévallon was down graded ‘Vin de Pays’, Eloi Dürrbach having of course refused to submit to the injunctions of the syndicate to abandon the parity between Cabernet and Syrah. The declassification had no impact on the reputation of the Domaine. On the contrary, the legend of the most famous ‘Red Table Wine’ was on its way.

Since its creation, the estate is under biological agriculture (‘Ecocert’), in conformity with the non-conformist spirit of 1968 probably. Indigenous yeasts, no correction of acidity, Eloi Dürrbach’s philosophy consisting of as little intervention as possible. Time does the work and the severe tannins of cabernet Sauvignon gently soften. The Syrah brings its own roundness, but without the sometimes candied note of the Syrah from the south, the Domaine being exposed on the northern slopes of the Alpilles.

Trévallon produces just one cuvée of red, and only when the vintage allows it (there was no cuvée 2002).

I am pleased to propose you two recent millésimes, 2008 and 2010, to store in cellar, and an older one, 2003, which you may now start drinking.

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