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Jean-François Promonet

Leynes is a small village of Saône-et-Loire in the extreme south of Burgundy. The great attraction of this terroir being the geological result of the collision between the limestone of Burgundy and the granite of Beaujolais.
After working hard with some of the best natural vignerons, Jean-Francois Promonet wanted to produce his own wines. He finally found  a small moribund vineyard, certainly well south-oriented, but the terrible slopes had discouraged the bravest vignerons.
Because it was his first vintage, it was inconceivable to disappoint any of his friends and models (Marc and Pierrette Guillemot, Philippe Jambon, Julien Sunier or Dominique Belluard), because it was unthinkable to produce anything but vins S.A.I.N.S " (ie without Any Input nor Sulphite added), nobody worked harder than Jean-Francois Promonet, known as Prom. He set the bar so high that nobody could follow.
Prom's wines are for lovers of finesse and purity.
Bio-Biodynamie and much more than that ...

-"Reinette" 2013-Sans Soufre ajouté.

Leynes ; Red ; Gamay on limestone and granite ; to drink now
Fine, fresh, fluid. Dangerously drinkable
-"Prom" 2013-Sans Soufre ajouté..
Leynes ; Red ; Gamay on limestone and granite; Carafe and Harlem shaking ( touch of carbonic gas that will protect the wine from premature oxidation)
"Prom" is a cuvée from the highest parcels, situated on different soils and sub-soils. Good tannic structure, more minerality, more soul. Obvious cellaring potential.


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