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Jacques Mordret Negoce

Domaine du Moulin – Hervé et Isabelle Villemade


« Sa famille habite dans le Loir-et-Cher et ces gens-là ne font pas de manières »*, sang French star of the Seventies Michel Delpech


No ‘airs’ allright, but a serious allergy to sulfites would lead Hervé Villemade to raise certain questions though. His encounter with Marcel Lapierre would definitely settle the matter. The ‘situationnist’ winegrower of Villié-Morgon had understood as early as the 70’s that if adequate and obstinate work was applied to the vineyard, synthetic products could be avoided in the vines and sulfites in the cellar.

The baton has been handed over to Hervé Villemade (‘Bio-Ecocert’ since 2000) and to a few others, and Loir-et-Cher is today among the most dynamic regions in terms of natural wines. I invite you to browse on the site of’AVN (http://www.lesvinsnaturels.org/)

Hervé talks of his job with simplicity and sincerity, and you don’t risk to meet any of these ‘ingénieurs oenologues’ on his vineyard :  ‘What’s the point of sweating in the winery if the grape is biologically dead ? What you have to do is suffer all year long in the vine to harvest the richest fruit in indigenous yeasts possible.’

The specifications are as simple as demanding : soil work and controled cover planting,mastering of the yields, high maturity hand harvesting, strict selection of the grapes, fermentation from indigenous yeasts, no chaptalisation, no sulfur during vinification.

The wines of the Domaine are forthright, lively and tonic.

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