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Eric Bordelet


Eric Bordelet has worked in restaurants, with Alain Dutournier first, and with the brothers Mincheli (Le Duc). Then he becomes a sommelier for a while, between 1986 and 1991 at Alain Passard’s L’Arpège- 3 Lièvres. Graduated in viticulture-oenology in Beaune in 1991, he finally decides to take the reins of the family domain of his native Mayenne, and replants the orchard of very old varieties with the ambition of  producing ‘terroir’  apple and peer ciders . The domain is located in southern Normandy on the Armorican massif. The orchard (about 1O acres) nowadays boasts thirty different varieties of apple-trees and fifteen varieties of peer-trees, on granite and schist soils and subsoils.
Eric Bordelet shares with Asterix’s dog, Dogmatix (Idefix in the French version), his passion for trees, and naturally for the often three hundred years old peer-trees of his Norman land. Nothing saddens him more than witnessing uneducated neighbours putting down these rare and venerable trees, pretexting thier low production.
In the 19th century still, existed a great  of varieties of apple and peer-trees. Today, only remain a few dozens of them, the most productive and easy to preserve, without any consideration for taste nuances.
Fortunately a few sensitive and concerned artisans are involved in fighting against the impoverishment of our vegetal heritage and the standardisation of taste.
 A shower of medals for the Bordelet Mayennais and its expressive apple and peer ciders !
Organic culture and Biodynamics (‘Qualité France’)
Manual harvest, natural fermentation, natural residual sugar, chaptalisation proscribed


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