Jacques Mordret Negoce
Jacques Mordret Negoce

Domaine des Entrefaux – Charles et François Tardy

Considering the geological caracteristics of Cornas terroir it is rather curious to see certain wine-growers leaving the tradition to propose Syrah égrappées for immédiate consumption. As curious – if not ridiculous – is the irruption of a new generation of wine-growers of Crozes- Hermitage entering an absurd rivalry, attempting to produce de produce wines with long ageing potential.
Wines from this Appellation are appreciated for their freshness and the purity of their fruit, the softness of their tannins and the pleasure provided by their primary aromas Though located in the prolongation of the famous granitic Hermitage caledonian, the geological caracteristics of this Apellation Crozes-Hermitage are quite different.
The Domaine des Entrefaux is by and large planted on rocky terraces typical of Crozes and on the excellent clayey limestone hillsides of Mercurol (Cuvées Les Pends). At the cost of hard work on the vines, of a modest yield and of soft and sensible vinification Charles and François Tardy produce refined and without artifices Crozes (both white and reds), pure and mineral.


Domaine Bio Ecocert (Agriculture Biologique) certified

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