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Le Domaine Alexandre Bain


I owe the sommelier of L’Astrance, Alexandre Jean, my initiation to the wines of Alexandre Bain, wine-grower of this old AOC of Pouilly Fumé since 2007. Most of the wines produced out of cépage Sauvignon, naturally aromatic though, are easy to recognize. Their aromas of box tree (the horrible cat’s pee ?) and blackcurrant are caracteristic to the point of becoming sometimes riciculously infantile. But Alexandre Jean loves to play and is fond of serving wines without mentioning their origins. It would have been easy to make a mistake with this ‘Pierre Précieuse’, for its nose of citrus fruit and exotic ripe fruits had nothing in common with the above mentioned aromas.

Alexandre Bain is a man of conviction who practises without assistance. He got involved with fervour in the Association de Vins Naturels (AVN) whose ideal is to develop ‘natural’ wines, that is without agricultural input, sulphur remaining the exception.* Thus his wines are not yeasted, not filtered, not chaptalised, but express the climatology of the year, the geology of the soils and subsoils and of Alexander Bain’s know-how. Grapes are harvested ripe, which implies as always an important risk-taking and a constant care of the vines.

The estate follows organic (‘Ecocert’) prescriptions and biodynamic methods.


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