Jacques Mordret Negoce
Jacques Mordret Negoce

Domaine Eric Texier - Northern Rhône Valley – Brézème / Saint-Julien en Saint-Alban

The forgotten terroirs of the Vallée du Rhône.

Eric Texier is rather unknown in France, you will not find his name mentioned in the fashionable guides. Engineer by training, he decided to quit nuclear industry where he was consumed with boredom for his passion, the world of wine. After having studied oenology in Bordeaux, he learned the job with Jean-Marie Guffens in Mâcon and produced his first millésime in 1995. He would have happily settled in Burgundy, land of terroirs by excellence, had he not a double handicap: he was neither a Burgundian nor a millionaire. So he decided to settle in the northern part of the Rhône Valley, south of Valence, where he takes an active part in the revival of two very small Appellations. The first, Brézème, in the Drôme department, the second, Saint-Julien en Saint-Alban, located on the west bank of the Rhône, in the Ardèche department. The primary ambition of Eric texier is to propose terroir wines. Of course, he pleads for minimalist intervention during vinification porcess, but, more surprisingly, he also promotes a softer and less intrusive viticulture through limited soil tillage and use of copper and sulfites. Doing so, he differs from most of wine-growers – organic or bio-dynamic – and deplores the interest shown for ‘oenologues experts’ instead of, for instance, microbiologist and farmer Fukuoka and his works.

Eric Texier does not like competition wines, ultra powerful wines with obscenely high alcool level, the showy wines of the nouveaux riches who shamelessly adulterate their terroirs, wines which feed you and fill you up. In this Rhône Valley, where the climate is generous, one can easily go overboard and ‘classique’ wine-makers are not so many. This is why I am very happy today to introduce you to four original vintages from a very particular on quality artisan. To him, there is only one meaningful competition: the one that pursues finesse and elegance. Do not expect of Eric Texier’s wines any exuberant aromas, they do not fight in this category.

The wines from Brézème are organic ‘Ecocert’ labelled.

The wines from Saint-Julien en Saint-Alban, converted to organic culture in 2011 are on the process of being Ecocert labelled (3 consecutive years are required).

Brézème Vieilles Vignes Domaine de Pergaud 2010

Red; AOC Côtes Du Rhône Brézème, old vines of Syrah; clayey limestone subsoils; lively, spicy, sapid. Freshness and balance of the best Rhodanian Syrah. Old style good style.

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