Jacques Mordret Negoce
Jacques Mordret Negoce

Domaine Matassa – Tom Lubbe – Calce


Back to the soil of limestone of Calce. The South-African Tom Lubbe has purchased his first parcel, Le Clos Matassa, in 2002. Since then, he has not ceased enlarging and enhancing these abandoned heritage vines, which old Catalans propose him often for sale. He works like a madman on unworkable soils, replants vines, olive trees too, and even plans to reintroduce an old variety of Catalan ewe. Uncompromising in his vineyard as in his storehouse, this man impresses. His certified Bio wines are of a touching purity. The Springbok deserves a statue.


Jacques Mordret Negoce

Pointe des Poulains

56360 Sauzon

Téléphone : 0033 (0)642448065

E-mail : jmordret@yahoo.fr

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